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Privacy:  Art Scene China is committed to maintaining your privacy. Art Scene China would never knowingly give out email addresses to a third party.
We apologize that a former employee of the gallery, Mr Zhao Yonggang (who was dismissed for stealing) stole a part of our mailing list from us, and he is now pretending to be legitimate and sending out emails from a gallery (with numbers in the gallery name) to email addresses stolen from us. Mr Zhao Yong-gang was also skimming money from the gallery's accounts. Such behavior reflects the lack of integrity of the person.

Also, our previous employee, Ms Elisabeth de Brabant, illegally stole a part of our gallery's mailing list, while pretending to want to service customers, and is now using our mailing list to send emails from her own gallery. We have had several complaints from our customers about this. Elisabeth de Brabant also falsely claimed that she was the "co-owner" of Art Scene China, when she was actually just an employee. And she claimed to be the "curator" at Art Scene China, when in fact she never curated any exhibition at our gallery. We are writing this in our disclaimer so that people will not be confused by any false claims.

We attempt to keep our mailing list secure, but it is difficult when it comes to dishonest employees and theft from them.

Alert: Someone has been illegally (against our copyright) putting our url: in their unsolicited emails and claiming that they are us. Sometimes, they say that they are an “Arts and Crafts Import Exporter” wanting to expand their business internationally, or other variations of this scam. These emails do not originate from Art Scene China, in the past they have been sent through free email providers such as Yahoo or Hotmal. Those emails should be ignored. All emails from Art Scene China or Art Scene Warehouse will be in the NAME @ or NAME @ format. If you are not sure, then do not send money to anyone. You should call our gallery first to be sure: (+86 21) 6437 0631.