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Lin Hai Rong - solo exhibition

Lin Hai Rong, an artist who has proven her popularity at Art Scene Warehouse, was selected as one of China’s top 20 emerging young artists in the Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards 2005, as judged by Gerard Goodrow (director of Art Cologne) and Jeff Kelley (curator of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco), amoung others. Lin's latest series of paintings illustrate why she is one of China's hottest young artists!

Lin’s perfectly plump figures seem to jump right out of a storybook, existing in a sparse, almost mythical world. Yet if there is a story to be told, Lin holds back and allows spectators to interpret, as they will, these solemn faces that stare right out at you with an air of solitude - though not necessarily loneliness. The figures with their large, captivating faces appear to demand analysis and inspection, but they offer no insight into their private, surreal world. Whatever secrets there are to be told lie between themselves and the artist.

Lin embodies the notion of “a free-spirit.” She paints whatever captivates her mind at a given moment; whatever she happens to find interesting. Old photos of the Republic of China have inspired her recent work, as have poems, plays and odes from the past. She admits that her work is, “wavering outside of reality and what is fashionable” but that she prefers to situate herself in such a place because it allows her to view the world more clearly.