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Painting is something that is a necessity in my life. It makes me feel happy.

I appreciate the interesting details in life, and I enjoy including them in my paintings. I like naive children, as they reveal the pleasures of life and the kindness in the world to me. Therefore, I try to paint with the heart of a child. Whether the theme of one of my paintings is children or not, I insist on the principle of “simplicity.” Art is simple, and the joy that comes out of it is something that we all expect from life. Creation is a process in which the artist expresses him/herself; there is no need to put pressure on oneself or on others.  

I always insist on using the Chinese method of creation. I try to use the simplest artistic language to express my thoughts. My works include the essence of traditional art; however, I have gone beyond that by using a new, interesting and simplified personal style. I try to avoid over-complicating my artworks, as such a style would make me and others visually tired and mentally sick.

Basically, I hope that people will feel relaxed and happy when they look at my paintings.