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Li Tianyuan

Born in Suang Yashan City

Graduated from Department of Mural in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


Harvest II - Contemporary Chinese Photography Exposition, Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai

Landscape, X ray Art Center, Beijing
International Contemporary Drawing Art, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an, Shaan Xi
Face and Body, Tai Kang Top Space, Beijing, Chelsea Gallery, Shanghai
Between Past and Future, New Photography and Video From China, International Center of Photography, New York, USA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA, Seattle Museum of Art, Seattle, USA, Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), London, UK
100 Artists for a Museum, Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum

Asia Biennial, Bangladesh
Dreams and Portraits, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai
Chinese Plastic Art Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt
Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, Pingyao, Shanxi Province
Asian Art Exhibition, Saudi Arabia
Bridge - Changchun Contemporary Art Annual, Changchun, Jilin
Exhibition Invitational Exhibition, Changchun, Jinlin
Shangyuan Artists Open Studio Exhibition, Beijing

Art and Science, International Art Exhibition, China National Art Gallery, Beijing
Virtual Future, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Sino-German New Media Art Exhibition, Loft New, Media Art Space, Beijing, Shanghai

The Third Gender - Net Art, Beijing
Beijing Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, Dongyu Gallery, Beijing
Shangyuan Artists Open Studio Exhibition, Beijing

New Art, China Art Archives & Warehouse Beijing
Beijing Art Documentary, Goethe Institute, Beijing
Art Works Exhibition, J Gallery, Hong Kong

It′s me!, Palace Museum, Beijing
Myths about Beijing, China Contemporary Art Report, the Art Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Living!, Yun Feng Art Gallery, Beijing.
International Art Exhibition, Paris International Art Community, France

IIn and Out, Lu Mingde Art Gallery, Singapore
The Centennial Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting Portraits, China National Art Museum, Beijing
Chinese Dream•Chinese Contemporary Art, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing

Reality: Today and Tomorrow, International Art Gallery, Beijing.
Li Tianyuan, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
Tianyuan Space Station - Air, Plum Blossom Gallery, New York, Hong Kong

Chinese Oil Painting from Modernism to Post-modernism, Brussels, Belgium
Chinese Contemporary Art, Goethe Institute, Beijing
Changes - Beijing/Shanghai Avant - Guard Art Exhibition, Goetburg Art Museum, Sweden

Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong University Art Museum, Hong Kong
Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba

Li Tianyuan, China National Art Museum, Beijing, China
The 2nd Chinese Oil Painting Annual Exhibition, China National Art Museum, Beijing
MAO 100 - Painting Exhibition, East Village Art Gallery, New York, USA
Sino-Japanese Modern Painting Exhibition, China National Art Museum, Beijing